The most advanced flight analysis and competition scoring
Brought to you by Aleksandr Kunin

Developing Skyderby since May 2014 to make You fly better, faster, longer

I want to thank these amazing people 😍

In past month Skyderby received 2 financial contribution from

Connor Young
Zoran Milenković

Along with previously received from:

Simon Perriard
Daniel Ossio
Jasper van Rijswijk
Aleksei Shatilov
Daniel Darby
Khizar Naeem
Alexey Galda
Chris Geiler
Steve Campbell
and more...

It is pretty simple


Upload a file


Select free fall range



Online competitions leaders

Skydive competitions

BASE competitions

Supported file formats and GPS loggers

Garmin Foretrex 101/201/301/401
Wintec WBT-202
Columbus V900
Dual XGPS160
Files in GPX format
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