Skydive Worldwide Challenge - Tracksuits Speed Challenge

Location: Worldwide
Suit type: Tracksuits
Task is to fly as fast as possible horizontally over the ground through the competition window (3000 - 2000 m)
# Pilot Suit Place Result Recorded at
1 Joshua Wozniak PF Track suit DZ Sydney Skydivers (AUS) 203.8 11.03.2020
2 Andrew Wright PF Track suit DZ Sydney Skydivers (AUS) 184.3 29.02.2020
3 Valentin Yankulov BG Tracksuit DZ Mile-Hi Skydiving (USA) 176.8 06.03.2020
4 Tagir Enikeev BG Tracksuit DZ Menzelinsk (RUS) 69.7 16.05.2020
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